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    Inarticulate fashion


    Can anybody explain to me what I am not sure I understand properly, that is the bold text?

    "Moreover, there was Norma Gresham, whom I had always loved in my halting, inarticulate fashion, and who had seemed to like me well enough before Trilt began to pay her his dashing and gallant addresses. She had speedily forgotten the timid, poverty-stricken chemist, and had married Trilt. This, too, I pretended to ignore, but I could not forget."

    C.A.Smith, The Supernumerary Corpse 1934

    I am not sure if the text means he literarly stammered out of sheer shyness when he wanted to tell her he loved her, or if he could not bring himself to tell her he loved her.

    Thank you

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    Re: Inarticulate fashion

    I am not a teacher.

    I think it means that he had found it difficult to express his feelings and/or had not managed to get her to understand them.

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