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    Lodged against corruption ...


    Can anybody explain to me the meaning of the bold text?

    "It was easy at first. The mortar had somehow rotted, and I soon pushed some more tiles in, and clambered after them into the darkness, and the spirits of the dead comforted me. I don"t know what I mean by that. I just say what I felt. I felt, for the first time, that a protest had been lodged against corruption, and that even as the dead were comforting me, so I was comforting the unborn. I felt that humanity existed, and that it existed without clothes. How can I possibly explain this? It was naked, humanity seemed naked, and all these tubes and buttons and machineries neither came into the world with us, nor will they follow us out, nor do they matter supremely while we are here. Had I been strong, I would have torn off every garment I had, and gone out into the outer air unswaddled. But this is not for me, nor perhaps for my generation. I climbed with my respirator and my hygienic clothes and my dietetic tabloids! Better thus than not at all."

    E.M.Foster, The Machine Stops, 1909

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Lodged against corruption ...

    Corruption here refers to the decay of the body after death, and lodge means to file or register a complaint.

    In other words, by breaking the wall and entering into the dark room (which would seem to be some kind of tomb or crypt), he's protesting against death and decay.

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