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    What is a partical of a word

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    Quote Originally Posted by diane.marsh
    What is a particle of a word?
    In English, a particle is a word. It is uninflected, which means it does not take -s or -ed or -ing. It is a part of another word. For example, the word up is a particle in He looked up the word in the dictionary . up is a part of the verb looked.

    Examples of other particles are:

    angry with, aware of, away from, bad at, base on, believe in, belong to, vote for, to see, boast about, distinguish between, distinguish by, dressed in, dressed up, look like, decide against, talk into, rank among.

    See more English particles:


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    There is some debate about particles, as some authorities don't like the term much. The Oxford English Dictionary classifies most of them as adverbs instead.

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