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    Unhappy is is goitng to ...

    What is the difference between the sentence "something is happening tonight" and "something is going to happen tonight"?

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    Re: is is goitng to ...

    "something is happening tonight"

    this sentence can be understood in 2 way
    1.something is happen right now (it's in its progress of happening )
    2.something will happen in a near future.

    "something is going to happen tonight"

    this sentence mean "something will happen in a near future"

    as you see,if being understood "something will happen in a near future",these 2 sentences have the same meaning.

    hope it helps
    my 2 cents

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    Wink Re: is is goitng to ...

    @ "something is happening" means that it is the same like "something is going on" So that would mean that it's happening at the moment.
    @"something is going to happen" means that you know that it's going to happen (or anyone knows it's gonna happen"
    But I'm not a I could be wrong


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