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    Most individuals are disuaded

    Even though the taunting reminder and bickering were too much for me to bear, they somehow helped me break free from the ‘shackles of failure’..

    Unfortunately, most individuals are dissuaded by the mere thought of failure because it eludes them from seeing real tangible results.

    Many a time, I almost gave up and buckled under-pressure.

    ( Any flaws detected?)

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    Re: Most individuals are disuaded

    If this is meant to be interesting, the big flaw I can see is that it is all so generic, with no details. This is not a grammatical critique.
    What taunting reminders were you getting? How exactly did you "buckle under the pressure"? How exactly did they "help you break free from the shackles of failure"? What does it all mean?

    Try not to end a sentence with two dots. It's meaningless. Also "under-pressure" is not a word.

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    Re: Most individuals are disuaded

    I would not use eludes there.

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