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    meaning of "load carbs before a game of shuffleboard"

    I'm reading an article about Marathon. The writer mentions about a 68-year-old runner he encountered. And it goes:

    "Remarkable, I thought. Here was a fellow unarguably old enough to load carbs before a game of shuffleboard, and he was going to run two full marathons on successive days."

    Does "load carbs" mean eating a lot of carbohydrates? If so, I don't see the connection between being old and loading carbs before a game of shuffleboard. Is this some kind of joke or irony?

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    Re: meaning of "load carbs before a game of shuffleboard"

    Yes, it means to eat a lot of carbs, for energy before a physically demanding effort.

    To need to do so before playing shuffleboard is supposed to be humor. The idea being that you would not expect someone that old to be running a marathon.

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