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    "came to the youngster's aid and help them"?

    Watch the amazing moment that a baby elephant collapses on a busy road - and the herd comes to its rescue
    · The baby elephant collapsed while walking in the Kruger National Park
    · Traffic was forced to stop as the elephant lay flat in the middle of the road
    · The rest of the herd then came to the youngster's aid and help them back on their feet

    When a baby falls over, it instinct to help them back up on to their feet.
    And when a young elephant stumbled while crossing a busy road in South Africa, it was no surprise that its herd invaded the road to stop the traffic and came to rescue the stricken calf.
    The amazing moment was captured on film after the baby elephant appeared to collapse in the middle of a road in the Kruger National Park forcing the traffic to stop.
    Are "the youngster" and "a baby" the antecedents of the two "thems"?

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    Re: "came to the youngster's aid and help them"?

    Yes. But I find it very odd that the writer switched from it/its to them/their.

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