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    Post Telling a story and not know it.

    All my life I have kept a journal and wrote in it, but without thinking about telling a story. Just thought of the words to use, but no other information. Now at my late age of seventy five I discover everytime one writes or speaks, one tells a story, except me until now. Talk about late in life to start writing and do it by storywriting. All I thought about was put into words what you want without any structure or order. When I first heard the word story I thought of books magazines, but not writing them, reading them yes, writing them no.

    I can now see our ancesters sitting in a circle telling their history to their children in hopes they to one day will do the same. Maybe these elder historians were giving their future childern something to tell their childern on how to live in that time. So to speak, as all of you here are doing now. Something to hope for think about for their future. I see this forum as I see these historians teaching as you are now. I thank you as a member. I have much to learn for all of you. I learned it's never to late to, learn. Thank you for having me. Paul

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    Re: Telling a story and not know it.

    Write just the way you speak. Write from the heart and don't worry about what other people think is correct or incorrect. That, in my opinion, is the first step towards getting your writing noticed and published.

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