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    Need to have a noun before noun or adj before noun

    Hi all,

    Today I saw a phrase " finance conference ". Afterthat I saw "financial conference".
    Sometimes I see the structure ADV+ADJ+NOUN, for instance : "radically different approaches" or "financially wise women"
    Could I say "radical different approaches" or "financial wise women"?
    If anyone make it clear about the structures "Adj + Adj + Noun" and "Adv+adj+Noun" ?
    Sometimes I see "noun + noun + noun" (a disaster relief fund)
    I'm really confused with that.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Need to have a noun before noun or adj before noun

    When you see adverb + adjective + noun, the adverb modifies the adjective and then that modified adjective modifies the noun. That does not work with adjective + adjective + noun because adjectives don't modify adjectives. Nouns that appear before other nouns can function as attributive nouns; they act as adjectives. In your example, there is fund. What kind of fund is it? It is a relief fund. What kind of relief fund is it? It is a disaster relief fund.

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