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    "He almost divorced his wife."

    But Bob still had problems. For a couple of years he didn’t talk to his parents (who, expectably, had their own personality difficulties). He almost divorced his wife. He anxiously refrained from approaching many people, for fear of discussing intimate or "embarrassing" situations with them. In many ways he acted defensively and angrily.

    A Guide to Rational Living
    (divorce: to completely separate one thing from another so that they are not connected in any way:

    Doesn’t "divorced" mean completely separated? Doesn’t "almost" mean "nearly but not completely"? If there were no "almost" mentioned, I would say that that couple no longer married or stopped living together. With the word "almost" inserted there, what would that statement mean? I think they are still married, but they are living separated.

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    Re: "He almost divorced his wife."

    We don't know if they're separated or not. It simply means that he came very close to divorcing her. Perhaps he thought about it a lot, he might even have consulted a lawyer but, in the end, he did not divorce her.

    I almost got hit by a bus yesterday = A bus nearly hit me yesterday. It doesn't mean "I wasn't completely hit by a bus yesterday" because that would mean I was slightly hit.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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