Dear teachers,

Would you please tell me if the alternative tenses I used in this text are all correct? If not, would you please tell me why?

“Nigel, you have just won this great race. What were your impressions when you completed the last laps in the lead?”
“Well, I was quite anxious because my tyres had been damaged earlier on in the race and my petrol gauge 1 a) had been going / b) had gone down faster than normal for several laps. So I had to be very careful. But I 2 a) have had / b) had similar experiences before and our team 3 a) have worked / b) has worked a lot on the engine to make it more competitive.”
“It has always been a dream of mine to compete with the best drivers in the world, and now that I 4 a) have beaten / b) beat them all, it 5 a) has given / b) gives me a lot of self-confidence."
“What is the atmosphere like in your team?”
“They have always considered me as a partner. We 6 a) have been developing / b) have developed this car together for several months now. So our knowledge of the race 7 a) is improving / b) has improved / c) has been improving and we 8 a) are now thinking / b) now think of the world title.

Thank you for your help.