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    The sigh in the crises of ...


    Can anybody explain to me what the author means in the bold text?

    Time passed, and they resented the defects no longer. The defects had not been remedied, but the human tissues in that latter day had become so subservient, that they readily adapted themselves to every caprice of the Machine. The sigh at the crises of the Brisbane symphony no longer irritated Vashti; she accepted it as part of the melody. The jarring noise, whether in the head or in the wall, was no longer resented by her friend. And so with the mouldy artificial fruit, so with the bath water that began to stink, so with the defective rhymes that the poetry machine had taken to emit. all were bitterly complained of at first, and then acquiesced in and forgotten. Things went from bad to worse unchallenged.

    E.M.Foster, The Machine Stops, 1911

    Thank you

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    Re: The sigh in the crises of ...

    Something is wrong with the music, but Vashti comes to accept it as normal.
    Things got worse without people complaining or trying to do something about the situation.

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