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    a more weak definition

    Quote from a Harvard open course:
    Yeah, I think that patriotism, you need to define what that is. It sounds like, you know, normally that we are given a more weak definition here of patriotism amongst us, but it almost sounds like your definition is merely to have some sort of civic involvement in debating within your society, and I think that that kind of undermines maybe the moral, some of the moral worth of patriotism as a virtue as well. Like, I think if you could consent to a stronger form of patriotism if you want, thatís a stronger, I guess moral obligation, than even what youíre suggesting.
    My questions are:
    1. What is " weak definition supposd to mean here ?
    2.Can I say "a weaker definition" instead of " a more weak definition?

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    Re: a more weak definition

    1. A weak definition is one that doesn't do a good job of defining all aspects of the word. It only conveys part of the meaning.
    2. Yes, in fact 'a weaker definition' sounds preferable to me.

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