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    Sowl┤s sake ...


    I would like to know if the phrases "for his 'sowl's sake" and "because of his 'life's sake" in the text below are just variations of "for heaven┤s sake" or if the Irish guy and the Scotchman really were afraid of the life and the soul of the man they tried to talk into not doing the thing he wanted to do. The text is:

    "But the Agent took his remark very seriously, and both he and Dennis the landlord of the inn, tried their best to persuade him not to go. For his 'sowl's sake,' Irish Dennis begged him to do no such thing; and because of his 'life's sake,' the Scotchman was equally in earnest."

    W.H.Hodgson, The House Among The Laurels, 1912

    Thank you

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    Re: Sowl┤s sake ...

    They were worried for his life and his soul.

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