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    Modal auxillary verbs

    I am getting lot of confusion/questions while using can,could,may,might,will and would in a sentence. Below are the sentences which I had tried to speak and end up in confusion. I think I am not perceiving it correctly in my native language. Tell me any suggestions to overcome this.

    I think you forgot to enter your name, because I could not/cannot see your name in the registration.

    He has missed to update the sheet and he is doing it now, which he could/would have done it before.

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    Re: Modal auxillary verbs

    In the first sentence, the choice of 'could not' or 'can not' depends if you are referring to the present or the past with the verb 'see'. Note however that you should say 'on the registration'.

    Your second sentence has some problems with construction. I think you mean something like "He missed updating the sheet and is doing it now, which he could have done before."

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