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    The dark of the spring ...


    It may sound like a dumb question but what does the author mean by "the dark of the spring"?

    One night a Dream came to me and brought with her an old and rusty key. She led me across fields and sweet smelling lanes, where the hedges were already whispering to one another in the dark of the spring, till we came to a huge, gaunt house with staring windows and lofty roof half hidden in the shadows of very early morning. I noticed that the blinds were of heavy black, and that the house seemed wrapped in absolute stillness.

    The House Of The Past, Algernon Blackwood, 1904

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    Re: The dark of the spring ...

    It's a poetic way of saying 'early' spring.

    Compare it to the phrase 'in the dark of the morning', and you'll easily see the idea.

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