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    Participle or To-V?

    I've got a small question. Do the three sentences below mean the same thing?

    1. I've opened the window to let a bee out.

    2. I've opened the window letting a bee out.

    3. I've opened the window let a bee out.

    Is one of those wrong? I don't know. Hope your help.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Participle or To-V?

    #1 is correct as written.
    #2 could be correct, if you added a comma after 'window'.
    #3 is incorrect

    If you fix #2 with the comma, there is still a difference. #1 says you've opened the window in order to let the bee out. The bee is still in the room. #2 (fixed), says that you opened the window, and the bee has left through it.

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