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    meaning of "I don't know that they did..., nor did..."

    Dear all,

    I'm reading Lawrence Block's memoir about running and racewalking. He talks about preparing for the London Marathon, before which he kept joining both long-distance and short-distance races. And it goes:

    "The longer races were probably a good idea, preparing me to go the distance in London. The shorter races were probably not a good idea, but they didnít seem to be hurting me. And I donít know that they did me any damage, nor did the long miles of training."

    I'm confused about the last sentence. Does it mean "I don't know if the shorter races and the long miles of training did me any damage"? If not, what does it mean?

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    Re: meaning of "I don't know that they did..., nor did..."

    It means that I don't have any evidence that either the shorter races or the long miles of training did me any damage.

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