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    Arrow Cursing

    I believe it's morally wrong to curse in public, but in today's society it is now a norm. How does a moralist tell a non moralist to watch their language nicely? I feel respect is a two-way street, not a one-way alley. There are people with a temper looking for trouble, all the time just read the paper. Most of the people I meet are decent and kind, but the people who are looking for trouble stand out like a black eye. In my younger days I would fight anyone who degraded me in any way, today depending on their temper I still would even with my extremely age against me.

    And in some cases just try to walk away. Thoughts? Please edit. Paul

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    Re: Cursing

    I think it's just something you will have to put up with because of the risks of making things confrontational and possibly dangerous.

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