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    Looking for suggestions on dictionaries

    Hi all!
    I'm looking for a better dictionary and would like to get some suggestions from the experts round here. I'm currently using Microsoft BookShelf (about 1997).
    My ideal dictionary would have the following features:
    • Spanish/English & English/Spanish (or maybe English/English)
    • Computer-based, but without the requirement of being connected to the Internet.
    • As complete and detailed as possible, ideally with examples.
    • Pronunciation. For example, BookShelf includes the pronunciation of many words, in both British and American English (you click on the word and a recorded voice tells you that word, a woman in British English and a man in American English).

    Actually, the main reason I want a better dictionary is that I have found several mistakes in Bookshelf and would like to have something more reliable.
    I would be grateful if you could suggest me a dictionary or share your experience about your current one.
    Thanks in advance!
    Captain Bata

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    Re: Looking for suggestions on dictionaries

    Online, I use and Cambridge mostly. On CD, I go for Oxford, but I am using monolingual versions- the Oxford Shorter is excellent, and the full one is fantastic, but rather expensive.

    Have a look at these two- they come from Oxford and Merriam-Webster, so they should be of a high standard.

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    Re: Looking for suggestions on dictionaries

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I'll look into all of them.


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