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Thread: preposition

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    what is a preposition

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    Re: preposition

    Welcome, donna.

    In general, a preposition is anything a cat can do. For example, in, on, under, next to, beside, etc. Prepositional phrases answer the question Where?, like this,

    EX: Max went to the store.

    "to the store" is a prepositional phrase. "to" heads the phrase. It's a preposition. "to the store" tells us where Max went.

    Prepositional phrases also answer the question When?, like this,

    EX: I watched TV during the exam.

    "during" is a preposition and it heads the prepositional phrase "during the exam".

    Note that, prepositional phrases have a form and a function. They are made up of a preposition and a noun phrase. They also have function: they function as adverbs. They can tell us when and where something happens.

    All the best.

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