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Thread: asking urgently

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    asking urgently

    Dear All,

    I know that this question doensn't relate to learning english but I hope someone can help me to find out some information for my sharp telivision and will be grateful for that.
    It's Sharp LCD colour television LC-37HV4H. Now it can not act as the circuit or the image card ( I don't know how to call in English as well).
    I check with Sharp agent in Hongkong but people said, after 2 years, manufacture don't produce the same model so can not find the circuit of this TV set for repairing. So can you tell me where to buy the circuit( Note tha at the moment screen can not display images....

    Many thanks for any suggention.

    Best regards,

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    Re: asking urgently

    I don't know if this site will help but it's worth a try:

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