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Thread: ask for a help

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    ask for a help

    Helloeveryone!My major is english. I choose it because I love learning it ,
    but when Ireally learn it I find it not as easy as i have imagined before.both
    listening and speaking .i am trying ,but make little progress.why?please give me some advice !!!

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    Re: ask for a help

    Learning a language is a massive job- a language embodies the culture, the thoughts, etc, of a people, so it takes time, especially if you speak a very different langauge. How much contact with speakers do you have? The more you use a language, the more natural it will become to you. On this forum, you will find both many native speakers, including teachers, and non-native speakers- try joining in the discussions and you'll find that simply by having contact with them, you'll start picking up things.

    PS Big font sizes are difficult to read.


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