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    Cool I dont know What am going to do

    hi teacher I want to ask a question. After reading question I want to hear your opinion about the question.

    according to figures,world population is increasing _____ in _____ highly industrialized countries.
    A)the slowest/as
    C)the most slowly/the more
    D)slowly/such as
    E)the slower/the most

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    Re: I dont know What am going to do


    A) and D) don't fit: "as" and "such as" don't work in that context.
    E) doesn't fit: "the slower" is a noun phrase.

    That leaves us with choices B) and D), both of which sound awkward to my ears. But let's look at the grammar anyway:

    B) slower/most
    C) the most slowly/the more

    "slower" is a comparative; e.g., ... is increasing slower than ..., whereas "the most slowly" doesn't require "than"; e.g., the most slowly increasing ... / ... increasing the most slowly.

    All the best.


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