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    was wondering - are - can - may


    I have been searching for the usage of 'I was wondering' on the forum. I learnt some but also confused. Here is my confusion:

    Here is the context:

    I need the book named Shakespeare in Love but I do not have it. My friend has it and I think she could lend it to me. So the day ends and another day comes and we come together. I come closer to her and say,

    - I was wondering if you can/could lend me your book.

    - I was wondering if you may/might lend me your book

    I also cannot decide which one to take - are or were. I am really confused because 'tomorrow' has not been yet.

    - I was wondering if you are/were available tomorrow.

    Thank you!

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    Re: was wondering - are - can - may

    I would only use "I was wondering if you would ..." and "I was wondering if you were ..."
    You will get different answers from others though. 'Were' is subjunctive, so there's no problem using it with 'tomorrow'. You could argue that 'would' is the same, as the past tense form of 'will', rather than a conditional.

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