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    Cocking-up of fore body

    Hello once more.

    What does "cocking-up of fore body" mean?

    Does it mean "raising/lifting of forward part of ship"?

    Thank you.

    Table 8; page 11.

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    Re: Cocking-up of fore body

    I have no shipbuilding experience but I think your meaning is probably correct.
    The British expression 'cock-up' isn't commonly used in the USA, where it is generally assumed to have a vulgar meaning. With that being said, I did find a non-vulgar reference to 'cock up' in a poem written by Robert Burns. The poem is 'Cock up your beaver'. What some people might make of Robert Burns' poem, which took the name of the old Scottish rhyme , is best left to the imagination. What Burns was actually referring to was adorning a beaver fur hat by putting a cock's feather into it.

    'Cock', in the sense of this term, means 'stand up conspicuously', 'turn up at the edge', 'bend at an angle' etc. This is the sense of the early usage of the term 'cock-up', in the terms 'cock-up one's ears', 'cock-up one's nose'. In the 17th and 18th centuries people were also often advised to 'cock-up' their bonnets. It would make sense to me that shipbuilders would also use this meaning to extend/raise the fore body of a ship.

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