Hi everyone, I am a student of English and I am doing a research on dialects in Disney movies for a class in university. Since I am not a native speaker, I have some problems identifying some dialects.

1. In the movie "Mulan", how would you classify the dialect of Chi Fu (the emperor's secretary who lisps)?
2. In the movie "the Hunchback of Notre Dame", I am not sure about the dialects of the stone gargoyles Laverne, Victor and Hugo. To me it sounds different than General American (--> defined as a neutral American accent that does not show significant social or regional features).
3. In the movie "The Rescuers down under", I am not sure about the dialect of Wilbur (the seagull). Does he have a Canadian dialect (since the voice actor acutally is from Canada)? And what about the bad guy McLeach?

This is it so far :)

Thank you so much for your help. I would have posted videos of the respective scenes, but I think due to copyright I am not allowed to.