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Thread: time [ɔɪ]

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    time [ɔɪ]


    Would you be so kind as to tell me whether this pronunciation of [aɪ], which seems to be moving towards [ɔɪ], is restricted to some particular areas of the UK, and if so, which ones?


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    Re: time [ɔɪ]

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    This pronunciation is restricted to a specific region of the UK.
    I may well be wrong in this but I think it is an accent from the Black Country.

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    Re: time [ɔɪ]

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    There is no shift towards [ɔɪ]. I would agree with Mrfatso. It is region specific. I would say even more general than the area of the English west midlands called the Black Country. To me it just sounds like the west midland (English midlands) accent centered on England's second city of Birmingham.

    The Black Country accent is the strongest of these west midland accents and that is probably why it reminded Mrfatso of it. If you ever get a chance to see any clips of soaps on Youtube then look out for the BBC daytime one called "Doctors" set in a midlands surgery. One of the receptionists, called Karen, has a mid strength Birmingham accent.

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