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    Educational Games for Underprivileged Students

    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a project that aims one day to offer a standardized education for kids in countries where homeschooling takes over the role of schools due to natural or political crises.

    In this project, we believe in creating fair opportunities for the world's children to succeed no matter where they are, how tough their circumstances are and how their educational systems are teaching them.

    We came up with a survey that will help us find our way to link educational games to the US common core standards for the English language:

    It's important that we work together for the welfare of education worldwide and your contribution to this survey is highly appreciated :).

    For more information about the project please let me know in the replies.

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    Re: Educational Games for Underprivileged Students

    Have you tested the games on slow connections, which many would have in these places? I have lived in some countries where these games would take forever to load because of the graphics and music.

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