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    Question Is the a right or wrong style for answering questions?

    I have just had an interesting conversation with a co-worker (japanese) about the correct way to answer questions, in written format.

    As a native speaker I know there are many different ways, but vividly remember an English teacher telling me I was wrong when I didn't write what she/he considered a 'Full Answer'.

    ie. What was Mary wearing?

    A1: Mary was wearing blue shorts.
    A2: She was wearing blue shorts.

    From memory my teacher would have marked me wrong if I had answered with A2, however, it seems my co-worker was taught how to answer using A2 style, instead of incorporating the subject into the answer.

    My only idea is that EFL / ESL teaching has a tendancy to focus on 'spoken' style English, where as a native speaker is taught from the written perspective? (I am guessing here!!).

    As an English teacher which style of written answer would you expect from your students? Even though technically I think both are correct?

    As a student, which way have you been taught?

    Any ideas and opinions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Is the a right or wrong style for answering questions?

    Both are acceptable, right.

    I'm an A2 teacher myself. (Chalk it up to teaching 6 years in Japan.) Notice that A2 doesn't repeat the sentence word for word, which could be the reason some teachers prefer it to A1.

    All the best.

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