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    would you please say what's the meaning of the phrase" the coin of the realm" in the sentence blow? is it an idiom or sth. ?

    "Heading for the sea-coast, with a haste several sheriff's posses might possibly have explained, and with more nerve than coin of the realm, he succeeded in shipping from a Puget Sound port, and managed to survive the contingent miseries of steerage sea-sickness and steerage grub."

    I'd be glad you illustrate the whole saentence's meaning that comes from the story of " at the rainbow's end " by Jack London.

    thank you!

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    Re: Mr.

    Here's my best guess:

    "coin of the realm" refers to currency, and "nerve", in that context, means, stamina;i.e., Montana Kid was more than able enough to endure or withstand the hardship of the sea voyage.


    "posses", a group of people summoned by a sheriff to aid in law enforcement, a search party.

    "succeeded in shipping" means, traveled by ship or by boat.

    "contingent" means, liable to occur but not with certainty, possible.

    "steerage", the section of a passenger ship, originally near the rudder, providing the cheapest passenger accommodations.

    "grub", food


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