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    Sorry for the mistake in the first thread . urgent

    Hi to everyone
    Please answer the following questions:

    1. Kissinger used to be a consequential man in the field of international diplomacy.
    a) shrewd b) tricky c) crafty d) important

    2. The conduit got clogged.
    a) trench b) ditch c) creek d) channel

    3. His passion for the actress soon congealed.
    a) boiled b) rose c) soared d) froze

    4. Political commentators have explored the importance of a candidate’s charisma in these days of television campaigning.
    a) caliber b) intelligence c) charm d) wit

    5. Once he reaches a decision, he won’t budge.
    a) make up his mind b) change his mind c) follow suit d) stay

    6. He who brandishes the sword will perish by the sword.
    a) flourishes b) sells c) breeds d) brews

    7. A cowardly bully often blusters.
    a) blunders b) intimidates c) fusses d) budges

    8. A bland smile is always welcome.
    a) pungent b) gentle c) brusque d) blank

    9. All the children in the neighborhood will be the beneficiaries of the new playground.
    a) benefactors b) profiteers c) receivers d) belles

    10. You had better correct your arbitrary attitude.
    a) legitimate b) despotic c) circumspect d) judicious

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    Re: Sorry for the mistake in the first thread . urgent

    This sounds like homework, Haseli. How about answering yourself first, and then we will check your answers?

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