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    Proof reading school work

    I am a college student struggling with grammar. This is the first time on this forum. I was wondering if someone could proof read my hw. I had to come up with a 10 sentence paragraph and identify the helping verb and main verb (helping verb was underlined and main verb was bolded) and then conjugate those verbs. I just want to make sure I am on the right path.

    My cousin’s son was attacked by a shark.

    It had happened last week in North Carolina.
    When we received the phone call, we were shocked.
    We spoke with Hunter, the boy who was hurting.
    He was in good spirits when we had called.
    He was very sad when my mom had spoken to him.
    He had lost his left arm due to the attack but is adjusting well.
    We will visit him this week.
    My family was going to North Carolina anyway for a wedding.
    He will not be able to make the wedding, and our family will miss him.

    verb-Simple form -Simple Past- Past Participle- Present Participle
    attacked -attack- attacked -attacked -attacking

    happened -happen- happened- happened- happening

    shocked -shock- shocked -shocked -shocking

    hurting -hurt- hurt -hurt -hurting

    called -call- called -called -calling

    spoken -speak -spoke -spoken -speaking

    lost -lose -lost -lost -losing

    visit -visit -visited -visited -visiting

    go -go -gone -gone -going

    miss -miss -missed -missed -missing
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    Re: Proof reading school work

    We don't help with homework, as it's unfair to the other students in your class. However, since you have done the homework, I'll bend the rules a bit and just comment that you're mostly on the right track, but that you have an error.

    That's about as much as I can say and still adhere to forum policy.

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