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    X were all right = ambigious?


    I would like to ask if 'the students in my class were all right' is ambigious, depending on the context or not. For example:

    a) it may mean that all of the students in my class were right'
    b) it may mean that the students in my class were alright.


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    Re: X were all right = ambigious?

    Yes, but context would easily clear the confusion.

    If I were to ask "Is everybody all right?" after a storm, it's clear that I'm asking if everyone is unharmed.
    If I were to ask "Were you all right?" after giving the answer, it's clear than I'm asking if everyone had the correct answer.

    Note that there is debate about the usage of 'all right' vs. 'alright' - previously alright was considered non-standard and a misspelling of 'all right', although it's gaining some acceptance.

    If you're in a situation where context won't clear up the meaning, then use synonyms for 'all right',such as 'ok', 'unharmed', or 'correct'.


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