hello. this is the graph which i have written from a chart. but i could not upload the chart for you, thus correct my graph please by grammatical or everything else.

This chart suggest that amount of some goods which people use is some land.

Personal stereos are the facilities which people have had the same usage in Germany,Italy and France. But we are witness just in Britain ,people utilized them more that other countries by 155000 pounds. The tennis rackets and perfume have also had approximate the same consumers as personal stereos does. Nevertheless Britain people use them a bit more by 160000 pounds.
Cds consumers had the same pattern for Germany and Italy. Meanwhile 159000 pounds for France and 161000 pounds for Britain.
For toy consumers we have a sharp increasement for Britain by 169000 pounds.
finally for the last material photographic film, is consumed less that others by Germany as 147000 pounds and more than others by Britain as 173000 pounds.

In briefly, the chart shows six groups of goods which has been used in four countries by average usage of 150000 pounds for the three first items and 160000 pound for toys and photographic .