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    Lightbulb Teaching Communicative English by using English Video

    Dear all!
    I have taught English for 10 year. For me, the best way to study communicative English is video watching. My proffessor gave me his chanel. It is the good chanel to learn English. Now, i share with you. Please click links below and choose lesson you want:

    Share to others please

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    Re: Teaching Communicative English by using English Video

    For a 10-year English teacher there are many rookie mistakes in your post.

    It should be "for 10 years".
    "Proffessor" should be "professor".
    "Chanel" should be "channel".
    "The pronoun "I" should always be capitalized.
    There should be articles before "links" and "lesson".

    I would say "Share with others".

  3. J&K Tutoring

    Re: Teaching Communicative English by using English Video

    Thank you for your willingness to share! I'm always looking for good video content. There are some problems I'd like to point out:

    1. This series was designed for teachers and students in Vietnam. I think that a video series about learning English should have navigation in simple English. Students learn to read English before they learn speaking, and this series would have a wider application if it was easier to navigate by teachers and students in countries other than Vietnam.

    2. The videos are on YouTube. I'm in China. I can access it through my VPN, but my students could not use it. Other countries block YouTube as well. Of course there is nothing you can do about that!

    3. The videos have subtitles. This makes them an exercise in reading, not listening. A printable transcript or the ability to turn off the subtitles would make it a much better tool. I recommend you tell your students to simply tape a piece of paper over the lower part of their screen to hide the subtitles. They could 'peek' if they got stuck.

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