Hi everyone, I'm applying for a master programme. My english is not perfect at all, so I would like if someone could check this motivation letter, correct my mistakes and express the opinions. Any comment will be highly appreciate. Thank you so much, is very important.

Dear Committee Members

I am writing this letter in order to apply for MIEX Master in International Management at the University of (...) for the 2015/16 academic year.
My name is (....), I graduated in October 2014, from University of (....) and I hold a Master’s degree in Modern Languages for Translation and International Relations with full marks.

Ever since I was a child I have always wanted to travel and to learn new languages and different cultures, that’s why I chose this field of study. Therefore I took part in the Erasmus programme, studying for six months abroad. Moreover I did an internship of four months in Spain thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci programme. I worked as cultural mediator and in the human resources in a NGO which mission is to encourage the protection and promotion of migrants’ human rights. I had the opportunity to use different languages daily and to meet people from all over the world.

These experiences abroad offered me opportunities to gain and to expand my skills. I gained social, communicative and adaptive skills and I was able to applied my knowledge acquired at university in a real context.
From these experiences and from my studies I also learnt that I want more. I want to combine my foreign languages studies with something that help me to compete successfully in the global marketplace. I think it is very interesting to cross different areas of knowledge and I find this Master's programme to be strongly connected to real projects in society and that perfectly fits my needs.

I have been thinking the best way to make my studies useful is complementing them with fundamentals of international management, in order that may be easier succeed in the global marketplace.
I found very interesting this master programme, the fact that it is taught completely in English, that the University of (...) is one of the most important universities of Italy, the possibility to share the class with people of so many different country, so I would be in contact with various cultures and I would also develop an international network, and least but not least the possibility this programme gives to study and do an internship abroad, in France first and in another country during the second year, which is the most relevant thing in my opinion. For all these reasons I believe that this postgraduate study will provide a milestone in my career along with invaluable experiences that will allow me to become a successful international manager.

Also I have talked with former students and from all the testimonials it is easy to understand that this Master program would open me the doors to the world of International Management.

I perfectly know that the competition is tough, but I feel, however, that I have many strengths that make me a good applicant. I had experiences abroad which taught me to adapt to new environments and to collaborated with people with different cultures, developing my ability to work in group and my organizational skills.
In conclusion, I am excited about the opportunities and challenges this programme offers to me. I have the required education, motivation and personality to complete it. Meanwhile, I also believe that my previous knowledge in foreign languages and cultures end my experiences abroad will help me.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely yours,

Name Surname