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    Tenses questions


    I'm a little bit confused about some tenses that are used in next sentences:

    Repeat what you just said.
    I paid for the gun. (It's from the movie Bottle Rocket)
    How come you changed your mind?

    Could you use present perfect and if not why not?
    (Repeat what you've just said. I've paid for the gun. How come you've changed your mind?)

    Yesterday I was at the concert and I was talking with band members and they asked me how come that I had come to the concert.
    This was my response: If I'm already here (it refers to the town, where the concert was held), I might go to see you. Was my response grammatically correct?

    I would be really grateful if you could correct my other mistakes in text.

    Thank you :)

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    Re: Tenses questions

    You could use the present perfect in all three, but it would depend on the context. In the first, I'd mostly use the past, but the present perfect is fine. In the third, if you use the present perfect, it implies that the change of mind is recent and relevant to now, while the past tense suggests to me that it was further back in the past. The second has not sense of time, so it's impossible to say which is better.

    Your reply doesn't work for me. I would use something like As I was in town, I had to come to see you.

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