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    Cut no figure


    The text I need to help with is:

    "Harker started to leave, but paused, with his hand on the door latch. The habit of his profession was strong in him stronger than his sense of personal dignity. He turned about and said:
    "The book you have there I recognize it as Morgan's diary. You seemed greatly interested in it; you read in it while I was testifying. May I see it? The public would like "
    "The book will cut no figure in this matter," replied the official, slipping it into his coat pocket; "all the entries in it were made before the writer's death."
    As Harker passed out of the house the jury re-entered and stood about the table, on which the now covered corpse showed under the sheet with sharp definition. The foreman seated himself near the candle, produced from his breast pocket a pencil and scrap of paper and wrote rather laboriously the following verdict, which with various degrees of effort all signed."

    Am I to understand the bold text is an analogy to "the book will shed no light on this matter"?

    Ambrose Bierce, The Damned Thing, 1889

    Thank you

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    Re: Cut no figure

    It will not make a strong impression.

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