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    Exclamation topic


    i want to improve my english, though i can speak english but what iam lacking is fluency. at times i dont get correct words to express my thoughts

    during my job interviews i was asked questions like

    what is your favarate pass time?
    who is your most admired person & why?
    what is your most memorable incident?

    i have answered but not up to the mark i think!

    Can someone help me out, if you were asked such questions
    what would be your answers?

    thanks in advance.

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    Re: topic

    I think that with such questions, the choice isn't so important, but the justification or explanation is. For the most person you most admire, it could as easily be a parent as some great figure- what they would be looking for is the reasoning behind it. In interviews, they often ask unexpected questions to see how a candidate will respond as they know that many obvious questions will have been rehearsed beforehand.

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    Re: topic

    thank u

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