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    cooking school vs. culinary school

    Are "cooking school" and "culinary school" both correct? As the result of my research, the "culinary school"is in higher level than "cooking school", is it correct? Which one is more common in colloquial AmE?

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    Re: cooking school vs. culinary school

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'higher level'. If you mean one is a higher level of education than the other, no. If you mean formal versus informal language, then yes.

    They're just two names for the same thing. 'Cooking school' is more informal and more colloquial. However, the title of such a place would probably use 'Culinary Institute', because it's more formal language.

    I might say "John went to a cooking school to become a chef.' If I wanted to specify the exact school he went to, then I'd use the official name of the place. "John went to the Culinary Institute of America to become a chef."

    Cooking and school are the more colloquial and informal versions of culinary and institute, similar to how 'cuisine' is just a formal word for 'food'.
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