As far as I am concerned, a powerful leader can cause all members feel like they are a constitution of making decisions in that not only does it make they feel an important person, but also it causes them to use all their power to fulfill their decisions.
The first point which should be mentioned here is that all members of a group feel they have tremendous people in the group seeing they are part of making decisions. As long as a leader contributes others in his decisions, all members of group are given a high confidence. In other words, they think profoundly in order to get new ideas, and share in the group. In addition, the spirit of union and alliance is promoted in the group. A leader can actually rely on his member. When being faced with a serious problem, leader can consult with them.
Another reason which can be seen by everyone is that all members are a part of making decisions is caused a sense of commitment towards it. Indeed, they use all their power to accomplish their decisions, should a leader consult with them. For example, when working with my classmate in a project, at first, I made all decisions for our group. In this way, he barely did their assignment related to him. After a while, I participated him in all decisions. It caused him to acquire a considerable enthusiasm to fulfill all assignments.
By taking to account all aforementioned reason, one might come to in the conclusion that it has a wealth of advantages for a group, if a leader use all ideas in his group. All members of group feel they are a substantial person. Furthermore, they exploit all their power to do the decision of their group. It is highly recommended that a leader makes others participate in all decisions.