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    Post Article... "Get to know the past!"

    Hi teachers!!! Well, I´ve just written this article and would like to know if it sounds interesting or if it is at least... (presentable). Your opinion won´t hurt!... Thanks, bye bye.

    Get to know the past!

    Have you ever heard of time capsules? Personally I had never heard of that until I read a line in a newspaper saying “Time capsules from 18th century discovered in Europe”. Since that moment I got very intrigued and started to compile information about that strange pastime and the people who do it. Currently I’m a member of the “Preserving the Present” Club, devoted to the production of time capsules. Beyond its institutionalism, it’s our hobby!
    It involves analyzing what is indispensable for us in the present in order to conserve it and show it to next generations. We have to discuss very much and decide the technical means to make our “picture of present” transcend the pace of time. Apart from this main activity, we also gather information about old time capsules around the world and try to protect them from being opened before the planned time.
    “What an odd pursuit!” would you say. I must tell you that this activity, done in our spare time, apart from being fascinating, has a crucial role in the scientific study of History. So join our group, this activity will fulfill your dreams of traveling through time!

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    Re: Article... "Get to know the past!"

    had never heard of that- shpuldn't this be plural to match ' capsules'?
    strange pastime- you need to define what this is before labelling it as a hobby IMO
    Beyond its institutionalism- is this a translation? Whatever it is, it doesn't work in English- how about beyond setting it up??
    next generations- the next generation or future generations (without 'the')
    would you say- word order- you're not asking a questioon, also 'might' is better because you're not 100% certain about what I would say
    join our group, - use a semi-colon or a dash

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