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    There's more to + Ving

    Does "there's more to" mean "there's better way to"?
    What I read include "there's more to quitting drinking than quitting drinking" and "there's more to achieving peak performance than training hard".

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    Re: There's more to + Ving

    It means that there are additional factors involved.

    EX: There's more to learning English than (just) going to class. You have to study, you have to practice speaking English outside of class, and you have to be motivated to want to learn more than what's written in your textbooks.


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    Re: There's more to + Ving

    In the examples you gave, "there's more to" means "it's not as easy as it seems." For example, if you're quitting drinking, it's not just a matter of refraining from consuming alcohol. It's a continuous process, a lifestyle change.

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