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    A quid of daylight

    Hello everyone!
    A man loses a bet, but he says: But it's a quid of daylight, and it's worth it?
    How would you paraphrase this?
    Thank you,

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    Re: A quid of daylight

    Hello Coenraedt

    I haven't heard this phrase before. But a "quid" is one pound sterling (1); so it seems to mean that even though he lost the bet, the process of making the bet gave him "an hour of daylight", which he wouldn't otherwise have got.

    I don't know whether the hour of daylight is metaphorical, though. Do you have any more context?


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    Re: A quid of daylight

    Thank you MrPedantic. There is no more context which can be contributory, but I think I understand now.
    Thanks again!


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