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    Smile I need your opinions

    I am so confused now, how are compound words formed in English?? I mean, how many ways and what are those?

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    Re: I need your opinions

    Um, well I suppose a lot are just two words that are commonly used together. Others are two words put together to get the meaning of both words are one thing.

    *Japanese freak* Similiar is this concept.

    ? means mountain
    ? means sheep

    ?? means goat

    So a "goat" would be a "mountain sheep". Japanese, as well as other languages, use compounds like this which I just thought might be useful. As you can see, the two together made a new word.

    I think you just learn compounds. A lot of English words are compounds of words from other languages, often changed around a little.

    There are three types of compounds. I think it might be confusing to use their names, so I'll just show you them.

    #1 Compounds with two words together
    - newspaper
    - eyebrow
    - sandbox

    #2 Compounds with two words separated (spaced)
    - guinea pig
    - water fountain
    - air conditioner

    #3 Compounds with dashes ( - )
    - merry-go-round
    - Italian-American
    - mix-up

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