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    Once bitten twice shy

    Dear Teacher,

    Kindly help me as to how to use the above phrase in sentences?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Once bitten twice shy

    Once you've had a bad experience you become more cautious.

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    Re: Once bitten twice shy

    Proverbs are not used 'in sentences'. They are interjected as a separate unit into conversations in order to express the advice which they offer on the topic being discussed.
    A: My girlfriend left me last month-- after 10 years together!
    B: That's too bad, Mr A.
    A: Yes, and I've just been sitting home alone. I'm afraid to go out and socialize-- I might fall in love again!
    B: Once bitten, twice shy, eh, Mr A?
    A: Yup! Guess so...

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    Wink Re: Once bitten twice shy

    Thank you, teacher.

    Thank you for detailed explanation. This selfless and yet personalised service takes us closer to you. Please correct my sentences too in case they are wrong.


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