I would like some recommendation and advice on the following short essay:

When I think about secret identity, the word "spy" comes to mind, I've always wondered about the life of a spy, How can someone live a double life without no one around hem knowing? Do they struggle at keeping their identity secret? or is it actually easy to pretend to live someone else's life. Also when a spy performs his or her daily work, do they start to become truly like their new identity? How do they keep relationships or do they keep relationships with old family and friends? Or do they lie to everyone in their lives?

These are some of the questions I want to ask a spy if I ever come across one. But as far as my limited imagination of a life of a spy goes. I think that someone can actually become their new identity because it is what they embody everyday day and night. I imagine the hardest thing is to life about what you do to the family and friends that have known you before or after you've become a spy. These are my thoughts on a life of a spy. It is indeed a difficult line of work.