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    Please check my writing

    The given charts illustrate seven different reasons for grown-up people going to school and their opinions on how the cost of this education should be shared.

    It can be seen clearly from the first bar chart that the chief reasons why adults choose to have education are because of their interest in subject and their demand for obtaining qualification, at 40% and 38% respectively. Meanwhile, there are 22% of adults who find studying is benificial to their current career. Other reasons to continue studying are due to promotion prospects and learning enjoyment at 20% for both. Only 12% and 9% of adults who consider studying as an opportunity to change their jobs and to meet people.

    Furthermore, the percentage of people who believe that the cost of each course should be shared individually is about 40% , while 35% of others think that employer ought to pay for the tuition fees as well. The remaining (25%) is provided by taxpayer. (159 words)
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