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Thread: Next week????

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    Next week????

    Hello every body.
    My questions are about the pronouncation of t in these cases:
    (next week,next day,left side).
    and m instead of n in (one more)
    My questions are :
    Is it important to delete t in my voice and say m instead of n?
    Is there any rule in english explaining that?

    Thank you so much.........

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    Re: Next week????

    "next week": these are fine, ne[ks] week/day, ne[kst] week/day
    "left side": these are fine, le[f] side, le[ft] side.

    Here's the reason speakers don't always pronounce [t]. The letters <xt>, for example, in the word next are pronounced [kst], that's three sounds. Three sounds take more time and energy to pronounce than two sounds, so speakers drop the last sound, [t].

    "one more": these are fine, o[m]e more, o[n]e more

    The sound change above has to do with anticipation. Both [n] and [m] share the same manner of articulation; they are nasals. The speaker in anticipation of the <m> in more pronounces <n> as [m], giving o[m]e more.

    Hope that helps.

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